What happened so far.. SUMMER 2014!



Hi, it has been a long while. So, I’m going to update you with what happened so far this summer.


First of all, let me just tell you the things I accomplished so far this summer. It is my pleasure to inform you guys that I have crossed TWO goals from my bucket list! YAY!

17. Have a summer job.

Finally. My friends and I applied for a company as Customer Service Representatives. Luckily, I passed all the interviews. It was really hard, of course. It still is. My shift right now is 11pm to 7am. This job turned me into a freaking zombie. I’m sleep deprived and food deprived. It’s really hard to adjust. But I really learned a lot (still learning a lot) and I get paid. Awesmazeballs!

19. Own a bookshelf.

It’s just a tiny bookshelf. They’re two small bookshelves, actually. I don’t have a picture of them but I’ll post one pretty soon.


I also had the chance to meet up with my high school friends. I missed the heck out of them. Some of them are studying from Baguio and Manila so we don’t see each other a lot. It’s really rare to have a bonding moment with them that’s why when we do have time, we cherish every second of being together.



My co-council members and I assisted the freshmen enrollees. Quite funny how time passes by so fast. It was like yesterday when I’m the one who’s in that line, waiting for my turn to be assessed. Even though summer just rolled around, I feel like it’s already about to end! Lol. Weird.

These are just few things that happened to me this vacation. I was supposed to post a FEB-MARCH Favorites post but I figured it’s already too late for that. I’ll post an April Favorites later this month, though. I’m so excited for the things that are yet to happen this summer.

How about you, how’s your vacation? If you’re not on a vacation, how’s your month? :)

It’s really good to be back. Take care, everyone!

Love and french fries,

Bee-chan.  :love:


Happy Pills.


I’m really sorry for not being active lately. Life has been really hard these past few weeks. I guess, I’ve been so down since the start of the year and I can’t quite figure out what the source is/was. There are times when I feel really happy and then at the end of the day, when I’m alone, I feel really lonely. I try to not overthink but we all know it’s hard not to.

Really, I think I’m just focusing on the negative things instead of the positive ones. My Philosophy professor is such a huge help because he’s saying things that aren’t specifically for me but they are for me. There are times when I feel insecure about myself. About everything. I know I shouldn’t be. But sometimes, you just can’t help it, you know? And for me, it happens almost all the time. My professor said that happy people are the most beautiful people. No wonder I don’t feel great about myself, it’s because I wasn’t really happy. I was too blind focusing on my flaws rather than being grateful for everything I have.

I think that I’m just being tested here. I know that this will pass. Soon, eventually. Right now, I try not to think of those negative feelings. I actually read quite a lot of novels these past few days. It’s like my escape. My haven.

Ughhhh. I know this is just a phase. Lol. Y U DO DIZZ TO MEEEEEEE?!

Honestly, sometimes I just want to sleep and not go to school. I mean, why can’t i just sleep? WHYYYYYYY. Is this my punishment for being so lazy all the time? ;w;

But, really, I feel so lazy every time. Yep.

Do I feel okay? I do feel okay. I am happy. But it’s the kind of happiness that doesn’t last because at the end of the day, thoughts haunt me.

I’m not depressed. Nope. Just stressed about school and everything. School is just… ugh. IT’S A DIFFERENT STORY. IT INVOLVES ME WISHING LIFE HAS A FAST FORWARD BUTTON. It’s actually 1:49 AM right now. Why am I still awake? I’m sort of reviewing for a quiz tomorrow. Sort of.

I know I’m probably talking nonsense right now because my mind isn’t functioning well at times like this.

Just a while ago, I realized some things.

I realized that I’m wasting my time focusing on the sad things of life. I realized that life is really too short to be unhappy. I shouldn’t be living like this. Heck, I’m young! I should be living life! I also realized that these unhappy thoughts are unhealthy and they should be stopped immediately. No one is to be blamed but me.

And you know what? I should stop trying to please everyone. I should start doing things for myself. I should start doing the things I really love and not what others love.

Wait. You must be wondering I’m posting this kind of oh-so-personal post. Honestly, I’ve been watching Awkward these past few days and let’s say I’m kind of inspired of Jenna. Lol. And I just wanted to update you guys with what’s happening. I know this is kind of lame but I really do want to connect with you in some ways. I think that sharing what I truly feel is a great way of doing that.


And yes, I really do need more happy pills.

Life is a pain in the butt sometimes.

Faith, Trust and Pixie cut!

finalsxadkashdHello February!

As you can see, my hair is now short. It’s so sad that my first goal won’t be fulfilled anytime soon. Maybe next year? Hihihi.  ;) So many people complimented me because they think it suits me. Even some of my professors complimented me! So cool. Lol. People were asking why I cut my hair short. The only valid reason I could give was that my hair was damaged. It really was. I’ve been wanting to cut my hair this short since last July but I just couldn’t that time. I was afraid because back then, my hair was so long.

I also told them that I cut my hair because of Hazel Grace of The Fault in Our Stars. It was just an excuse, actually. Lol. But they started calling me Hazel Grace after changing my Profile Picture in Facebook. (reason behind that picture above. hihi)

Pixie cuts are so hard to pull off! I’m honestly still not confident about this. I guess it would take a long time to get used to it. This is the shortest hair I’ve had. No worries, I’ll really try my hardest to pull it off. Best of luck to me~

Anyway, February is Forever Alone month for me! To those who have their dates on Valentines, enjoy~ To those who don’t, let’s celebrate our independence! LOL.

Love and French Fries,

Bee-chan.  :love:

January Favorites!


Hi guys! It’s already pretty late (or rather early) here right now. But I figured that I should still blog while waiting for my project to finish rendering.  :star:

Anyway, here’s a new segment of my blog. I’ll do this kind of post every month, featuring the stuff that I like for that specific time.





I think the only movie that I’ve watched this month in the theater is Bride for Rent. I honestly was (prolly is) never a fan of Xian Lim & Kim Chiu. When I saw this movie, though, I kinda had a crush on Xian. Like srsly.  :love: The movie was freakingly funny. I had kilig feels to the highest level and it was really heart warming. I totally recommend this movie to all of those who haven’t watched it yet. Don’t miss it. ;)





 I don’t usually go to Starbucks. I swear. It was my first time this year to go there without adult supervision. Lol. My barkada was trying to find a place to hangout and then we decided to go to Starbucks to try. And wallah~ I enjoyed every second of it. The smell is really heavenly and the interior is really nice. I even got a Starbucks card for myself. I promised myself to try new things and here is one of them.





My favorite snack right now is the empanada that I purchase at Citywalk almost every school day. Lol. I really like it because it calms my angry tummy and it’s cheap! Only for 10 pesos, people. <3






Other than mango flavored drinks, strawberry flavored beverages are my weakness. No doubt that I loved the classic Strawberry and Cream frappe of Starbucks. Yup, I only drink frappes there because I’m not really a huge fan of coffee.  :((





I’ve been searching for an app in my iPod that resembles a diary or a journal. One time, I stayed in my friend’s house and was searching through her iPhone and accidentally found this app called Journie. And my, oh my, fate brought us together. (jk) So, this application Cherie introduced to me was the one I’ve been looking for for so many months (!!!) I immediately downloaded it and well, I became addicted. It has been my outlet ever since. I talk (write) to it almost every night. It’s like an imaginary friend. Almost. Lol.





Well, I’ve been listening to lots of music lately but these songs are the most played. This is my playlist for January.



I know I should’ve posted more pictures but I’m really tired because I’m sick right now. Huhu. Credits to Alaina & Aimee for the shots. <3 Anyway, I’ll leave you with my outfit of the day (not really my favorite outfit of january, but yeah.).





Bag- flea market; Cropped top – Fashbook Closet; Jumper – given by Sofia; Watch – Jmart; Socks – FILA, Dept. Store; Shoes – Converse

Love and french fries,

Bee-chan.  :love:


2014 GOALS


I know that I’ve posted something like this last year but I deleted them just a while back because I was revamping this site. Sorry! But, here are my goals for 2014. I hope that I can fulfill all of these. *insert determined face here*

1. Have a mermaid hair.

I know I’ve listed this last year but things went down (boy problems & school rules) that’s why I decided to cut my long hair. (How I miss my ombre hair.) ;w;

2. Attend the Candy fair.

GAHHHHHHHHH. I was so close to attending 2012′s Candy fair but again, things went down. My soul sister Zally & I planned to really go there. At first, she was sure that her parents will approve of her going but then they decided that it was too expensive to go and it was a huge hassle. (PS: We were just 16 year olds back then, so it was expected). But now that I’m in a legal age, I guess I can go now. *I surely do hope that nothing will stop me from going this year* *Ahhh, Candy Cuties~~~* 

3. Travel to different places locally and internationally, maybe?

I really love to travel. I really want to see places. I don’t really travel a lot because I’m usually busy with unimportant things and my family doesn’t really hop into one city to another everytime. So, this year, I’m planning to go out and experience a life outside my comfort zone (which is basically my bed. My bed is my comfort zone. jk jk). Lol.

4. Own another domain.

The last time I owned a domain was when I was in third year in high school. That was ages ago. I really want to have a domain because. No reason. I just want to. <3 LOL

5. Have a flat belly.

REALLY. Like REALLY. I’m a lazy bum. One day, I’m so determined to work-out then the next day, I’m not. I AM SO GOING TO HAVE A FLAT BELLY THIS YEAR. YES YES YES.

6. Go to a concert.

Pretty pleaseee? I’d really like to know how bands/singers sing LIVE. And the experience! Oh my gosh, the experience! ;w;

7. Learn how to roller skate.

This has been one of the most frustrating things in my life. Please do teach me how? *wails*

8. Own an instax camera. (Must be bought from my own savings!)

My friends know that I have hard time saving money. (Impulse buyer here!) And I spend my money on the most unimportant stuff. So, my goal is to really save and own one of these babies. *rainbow*

9. Open a bank account.

Please read number 8. I really need to save. /self-control/

10. Win and make better disciples.

This is the goal of my church this year. It’s really nice to go “back-to-basics” because sometimes, the simplest things are usually ignored. Some churches aim to “multiply” fast. That’s not really a bad thing. But before you multiply fast, go back to where it all began. In order to multiply, you must first win. To make the multiplication fast, make better disciples.

11. Have a healthy way of living.

I’ve been doing this for over 2 months already. Reducing intake of salty & too sweet food, drinking lots of water, sleeping early (joke! I need to fix that, i know.) etc. And I love living healthily! I’m going to continue doing this all year round.

13. Host giveaways.

One of the main goals of this blog this year is to host a giveaway. I’d really like to give something back to those who read & follow my blog. I love you all. <3

14. Dye my hair in a pastel color.

Such a bold thing to do! It’s been my dream to have a weird-colored hair but my college prohibited us from dyeing our hair except from black. /bummer!/ I will make a way to make this happen! ;A;

15. Be featured in Candymagdotcom’s It Girl on the Web.

If you’ve read my second blog post, you know that I collect my OOTDs so that I can pass a form to Candy. I’m hoping & praying that once I pass the form, I’ll get featured. *hopeful!*

16. Get better grades in school!


17. Have a summer job.

I’ve been wanting to have this since last year. Now that I’m 18, I think this will be possible. :D

18. Finish my Goodreads Challenge. (100 books)

So you see, I was a few books away from finishing my last year’s goal but I slacked a little bit so I didn’t. It sucks. This year, I’m hoping to read more interesting books. More romance & YA pls <3

19. Own a bookshelf.

YES I AM A BOOKWORM. SUE ME. (no, please don’t.)

20. Accomplish these freaking goals.

Should I say more?


That’s it, i think. Lol. Maybe I should put this on a page  in the navigation above and then record it when I finish something on the list? What do you guys think?

So… anyway, what are some of your 2014 goals? I sure do hope that we’ll fulfill every single one of them!


Love and French Fries,

Bee-chan.  :love:

Lets get lost. ♡


Yesterday, I had the chance to go to the city and unwind a little bit. Okay, okay.. I didn’t really had a “me-day”. I went to the city to meet up with my groupmates for our report. It was so funny because we had the whole vacation to plan but now that vacation’s almost over, we had no choice but to really do it. It was like “Now’s the time to panic!” Haha. But good thing we created a plan that, I hope, will turn out well on the day of our reporting.

After planning, of course we talked about anything and everything under the sun. We also went to different stores to find an alligator clip because I was planning to make a DIY. Fortunately, we found a store that sells them but only 5 clips were left which was, at the same time, very unfortunate.

Although we had a very tiring day (because of all the walking and talking), I had so much fun. Anyway, here’s the full detail of what I was wearing.


Glasses – Executive Optical; Top – Ambiance Apparel; Skort – Not branded; Shoes – MSE; Bag – SM Dept. Store.


Can I just say that I really love this bag? It’s very roomy & cheap! Score! My mom bought me this bag because I couldn’t use two of my bags anymore. They had given up on me. If you know me personally, you know that my bag is always heavy (i bring too much useless things), resulting to buckles being destroyed. Lol. Whoops. Thank goodness that this bag doesn’t have a buckle! Lol.

Lastly, I just want to say HAPPY NEW YEAR! Although classes are resuming next week (bummer!), lets all enjoy the start of our year. ♡

Love and French fries,

Bee-chan. :love:

Floral & Stripes.


Hi peeps! How was your Christmas? I’m sorry I didn’t greet you all that day. Some of my relatives came here in our house and well, let’s just say it was craaaaazy. I haven’t been able to use our home computer because the kids were using it all the time. A while ago, we went to the Mall to watch “My Little Bossings”, a nominee for MMFF. I couldn’t say no because it was free. But if I were to spend my money I would probably say “HECK NO.” It’s not that I don’t like the cast. It’s not just me. I did not feel the movie. There were parts were I laughed but there were others that are just MEHHHHHH. I did not pay for the ticket, though. My mom did so who am I to complain? Lol.

Anyway, I am currently in love with the filter that I used in my picture. Lol. That’s kind of narcissistic, don’t you think? Meh. That PS action is not mine though. I just downloaded it on deviantart and then tweaked it a little bit. I loved it! Really. The raw photos are just so boring that’s why I edited some of it. Is it over edited? Please tell me so. Lol. I just loved the filter that’s why I let it be like that.

One more thing, I kind of collect OOTD / WhatIWore pictures of myself because I’m planning to submit it on Candymag’s It Girl on the Web. (Yep, ambitious girl right here. Guilty as charged.) Here’s my first one. (YES, I TOTALLY EDITED IT WITH THE SAME FILTER OKAY OKAY OKAY SUE MEEEEE.)


What I Wore:

Sunnies from my sister. (it’s actually hers.)

Striped top from GAP. (it’s actually a dress.)

Floral skirt (iadk how to explain where i got this.)

Sandals (market~)

That’s it for now. Happy vacayyy everyone! :)

Love and french fries,

Bee-chan.  :love:

Are you kitten me right meow?



I feel so ashamed to blog. Like, really. Lol. But I’m back… again. The reason why I wasn’t able to blog for the past few months is because I was waiting for my DSLR and my prayers are finally answered! So, as many of you might not know, I celebrated my 18th birthday last December 4. My mom and dad gave me this DSLR as a birthday present. Yaaaay. And yes, I’m officially a legal weird lady now. I can’t say that I’m really happy that I turned eighteen because I’m not. I feel so freaking old. Whenever they mention that “You’re already in legal age blah blah blah“, I still can’t believe it. But, as they all say, age is just a number so give me a break and let’s just all forget about it, okie dokie?


Today, I was supposed to post an #WIW (#WhatIWore) but unfortunately, my sister (who was supposed to be my photographer) went somewhere. So, instead of posting an #WIW today, here I am updating you guys with what my typical Monday looks like. I don’t really hate Monday like most of you. Why? Because I don’t have classes on Monday! Whoop de whoop! Monday is when I wake up late and just lay around doing nothing and sometimes, I do concerts in my room (shhhh). When I finally muster the courage to face the day, I tend to watch and then other times, I do my laundry. I know, my life is so boring, I know. Lol. Typical monday is so typical.

Don’t be fooled by how (somehow) clean my bed looks. It’s not! LOL. I haven’t had the time to clean but I am definitely going to push my lazy butt up and clean today. So much for my rest day!


So, I know I prolly told you that I won’t be posting an #WIW today, yeah? Guess what? WHAT?! I hate to break it to you but, I figured I’ll share my #WIW to you too. Are you kitten me right meow? It’s not really my “official” #WIW but I’ll just list down where I got the items.

Cat Ears (not really shown, I cropped it, sry.♡), @thriftrrrph from Insta.

Cat Sweater, H&M

Shorts, (from my sister’s closet, actually.)

Frilly socks, Dickies

I guess that’s it for today. I’m gonna go do my chores now. See you next post!


Love and french fries,

Bee-chan.  :love: